APF Substrate Capsules x 12

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    APF Substrate Capsules 

    APF Substrate capsules are a comprehensive, all-in-one Substrate Fertiliser for Planted Aquariums. Unlike most substrate fertilisers, APF Substrate capsules last upwards of 6 months. APF Substrate Capsules are a unique formulation of the 12 Macro and Micro nutrients plants need to live.

    Simply insert the APF capsule into your substrate and within a few days the gelatine capsule will dissolve and your plants will be taking up the goodness that comes from within! Strong and healthy plants greatly reduce the risk of algae.

    APF Substrate Capsules can be used in conjunction with any other plant fertilisers we sell on the APF website.

    How to use: simply push the capsule into the substrate adjacent or directly under the plant, cover with about 4cm of substrate, do not disturb once in the substrate.

    Dosage: 1 APF Capsules per 4" depending on planting density.

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