Ei Starter 1 Kit with Bottles

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    1 x Potassium Nitrate KNO3 500g  
    1 x Potassium Phosphate KH2PO4 250g  
    1 x Magnesium Sulphate MgSO4 500g  
    1 x Chelated Trace Elements 250g  
    2 x Twin Neck Dosing Bottle  

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    Ei Starter Kit 1

    If you're wanting to start Ei dosing or PMDD and not sure where to start, this is the right package for you. Not sure what to buy? We take that hassle away. You get all you need, all you need to do, is pop them in the bottle and mix, whatever mixture you are creating, you will get plenty of dry salts to start you off. APFUK's Ei Starter Kit was reviewed in May 2011 PFK. Find the link to the online version HERE

    Need help with Ei, take a read of this EXCELLENT article on UKAPS Or download the free PDF file from HERE

    Still not sure? Email me

    How does Ei compare to traditional liquid foods for ongoing costs? How many bottles will one Ei kit produce?
    Using dry salts to feed your plants is cheap. A 500ml bottle of Ei fertiliser costs approximately £1.16, compare this to over £10 for a 500ml bottle of a well-known branded liquid fertiliser; the savings over a year are enormous. The kit that Aquarium Plant Food UK provides, will last at least 16 bottles before any replacement salts are required. Some parts of the kit last longer than others, Magnesium Sulphate will last approximately 16 x 500ml bottles and the Trace will last 45 x 500ml bottles, so in many cases, 1 kit will last 1 year!

    In our starter pack 1 you will get: 

    2 x 500ml Dosing Bottles with Micro & Macro Labels
    1 x 500g Potassium Nitrate
    1 x 250g Potassium Phosphate
    1 x 500g Magnesium Sulphate
    1 x 250g Chelated Trace Elements
    1 x "Instruction / Recipe" Sheet

    Please note; Potassium Nitrate is controlled under the Poisons Act 1972. We are under obligation to report any transaction involving this product that appears suspicious.

    When you start running low, then just order from our Ei Dry Salts range the bits you need, Simple. All the Ei Dry Salts are supplied in re-sealable foil bags for maximum freshness.

    Standard Ei Dosing [This is a guideline only]

    Macro Solution

    Mix, Shake & Leave to Dissolve Overnight:

    • 4tsp Potassium Nitrate
    • 1tsp Potassium Phosphate
    • 6tsp Magnesium Sulphate
    • 500ml Water

    Micro Solution

    Mix, Shake & Leave to Dissolve Overnight:

    • 1tsp Chelated Trace Elements
    • 500ml Water

    What is a tsp?

    A teaspoon is exactly that, we recommend these spoons


    Macro 3x a week. (10ml per 50ltr of Aquarium water)
    Micro 3x a week. (10ml per 50ltr of Aquarium water)
    20-50% weekly water change.

    How do you mix using our Ei kit? Watch the video below:

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    What is Estimative index feeding?
    It is an easy and fairly reasonable way of ensuring that your plants receive all the nutrients that they need.

    Why is it called Estimative index? What is it that we are estimating?
    EI stands for Estimative Index. Estimation index stands for quite simply;
    Estimative = we as aquascapers cannot test for the all varying conditions in our aquariums so we use a formula to set the amount needed based on Tom Barr's equation.
    Index = is the guide that we work from.

    Tom Barr used a set of conditions and plants to test the formula on and this is known as the maximum growth conditions and this was then used to determine the amount of each macro and micro fertiliser needed for the best results. We call it the estimation index because we work from the point of this is what we add but because all tanks just like people are slightly different and therefore all the slight variations will affect the results and is not set in stone.

    Typical Ei values will be;
    Nitrate (NO3) 20ppm (parts per million) per week
    Potassium (K) 30ppm per week
    Phosphate (PO4) 3ppm per week
    Magnesium (Mg) 10ppm per week
    Iron (Fe) 0.5ppm per week

    Why did it come about?
    Estimative Index was created By Tom Barr to be a simple method for dosing nutrients to planted tanks without the need for monitoring nutrient levels using test kits.

    Was it something stolen from something like botany and improvised, or was it created specifically for aquaria?
    Ei dosing was created for ease in home aquariums as we cannot add the weather and other external elements that nature gives us and as we cannot hope to replicate the vast water systems of The Amazon or other rivers or even large lakes in which our fish and plant life normally reside. We need to add nutrients to the “glass box” we keep our plants & fish in, in the hope we can grow them well.

    What does a person need to start Ei feeding of plants?
    Macro Nutrients
    Potassium Nitrate
    Potassium Phosphate
    Magnesium Sulphate

    Chelated Trace

    Dosing Equipment
    Bottles/measuring spoons/Syringes

    Is it good for all tanks, or are there some aquaria where EI isn’t suitable?
    Ei dosing is really best suited for a “high-tech” aquarium with CO2 injection, good flow from the filters and possibly an extra power head and decent lighting. 

    Is CO2 essential when using EI?
    Estimative Index is highly dependent on having a good level of CO2 a stable 30ppm through the whole of the photo period. More than 90% of all algae problems on planted tank forums are because of poor or fluctuating CO2 levels.
    However, if you do not have a pressurised CO2 then liquid carbon (such as easycarbo) can be used, but the level of dosing (not the concentration) should be cut by 50%.

    Are there any risks to fish from using it?
    No, NO3 levels above 40ppm can cause fish health issues. PO4 at very high levels can influence alkalinity (KH) above 5ppm-10ppm. Clearly these are far beyond the needs of plants and the range makes for a very large target to dose even if the aquarist is off by a factor of 2X. As Ei aims for levels between 20-30ppm for NO3 and 1-2ppm for PO4, there is very little risk to your fish.

    Can EI foods promote algae?
    No, they will feed algae (as will any plant food), but there are other triggers for algae, the main cause being fluctuating CO2, poor flow and poor nutrient levels in the planted aquaria.

    I have a low tech tank, can I still dose with your Ei Kit?
    Yes, absolutely. Reduce your dosing to 1/3rd of the recommended and that will be suitable for a low tech tank. 

    Is EI feeding complete for all plants, or is there anything else that some plants might need?
    The plants will require good lightning usually about 8 hours per day, depending on the intensity and CO2 but the EI dosing provides all the nutrients required.

    Your trace mix has copper in it, will my shrimp be safe?
    Yes, follow the instructions on mixing and dosing, and your shrimp will suffer no ill effects from Ei dosing. 

    Can I dose Macro & Micro mixes on the same day?
    No, the Iron (Fe) in the Chelated Trace and the Phosphate in Potassium Phosphate (KH2PO4) have a tendency to react with each other, especially at higher pH rendering them un available to the plants as it forms Iron Phosphate.

    Does the Aquarium Plant Food UK’s Ei Starter Kit contain everything I need?
    Yes it does, we cover all the nutrients and bottles, we even send a “recipe” card to help you with making the solutions, one other thing you may want would be some measuring spoons.

    How does it compare to traditional liquid foods for on-going costs? How much EI will one kit produce?
    Using dry salts to feed your plants is cheap. A 500ml bottle of Ei fertiliser costs approximately £1.16, compare this to over £10 for a 500ml bottle of a well-known branded liquid fertiliser; the savings over a year are enormous. The kit that Aquarium Plant Food UK provides, will last at least 16 bottles before any replacement salts are required. Some parts of the kit last longer than others, Magnesium Sulphate will last approximately 16 x 500ml bottles and the Trace will last 45 x 500ml bottles, so in many cases, 1 kit will last 1 year!


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