Pro Spring Scissor Straight 150mm

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    Pro Spring Scissor Straight 

    These compact scissors, just 150mm (5.9 inches) these are the perfect tool for trimming and pruning mosses on rock and wood. The small size makes these spring scissors perfect for trimming aquatic plants in smaller and nano sized aquariums. The unique design is very comfortable in the hand and allows for more focused and precise trimming of your aquatic plants.


    • Excellent for trimming moss

    • Ideal for smaller aquariums

    • Unique design

    • Surgical quality stainless steel for an extra long life

    • Length 150mm (5.9 inches)

    • Easy to clean, just dry with a cloth

    Packaging and the Environment: No APF Stainless Steel Tools come with a Retail box, all APF Stainless Steel Tools are sent in protective cardboard only and an outer box, we believe this is more than enough protection for the tools; we are also saving on weight and cost to you, the customer. We find that most people either throw away the box or loss it. As we actively try and reduce the carbon footprint our small company makes, we thought that this would make a small difference.

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