Profito 500ml

    Profito 500ml

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    Easy-Life ProFito

    Easy-Life ProFito is a highly concentrated universal plant fertiliser that is suitable for all water plants. After much internal and external testing the formula of this product proved to be the best with regard to the rate of growth, the formation of leaves and the recovery of leaves which had holes or were discoloured (mostly due to mineral deficiency). ProFito contains dozens of different ingredients. This compilation guarantees strong, healthy and lush plant growth. The use of ProFito makes the addition of extra iron or potassium fertilisers mostly unnecessary. In nearly all cases this also applies to heavily planted tanks. So ProFito really is a universal fertiliser. It makes the use of other liquid fertilisers unnecessary. ProFito contains all that is needed.

    Plants need large amounts of certain nutrients – especially iron, potassium and magnesium.These are present in high concentrations in ProFito. Moreover ProFito contains many additional ‘micronutrients’ such as manganese, boron, cobalt, lithium, molybdenum, copper, tin, nickel, fluorine, iodine, aluminium, zinc, selenium and vanadium. These substances in combination with a number of rare minerals give the plants just what they need to grow easily. The plants are stimulated to form cytokinines (plant hormones) in greater quantities so that cell division occurs more rapidly. Leaves grow bigger and wider, and they also show more intensive colouration.

    The strong and vigorous growth resulting from the use of ProFito encourages the plants to take up unwanted substances from the aquarium – nitrates, phosphate and ammonia compounds are removed more quickly. Thus the use of ProFito will improve the water quality.

    Moreover it improves and maintains a better biological balance in the aquarium.

    ProFito does not contain nitrate or phosphate. The nutrients in ProFito are stabilized by various chelating agents. An anti-oxidant and a preservative prevent the deterioration of the product to ensure a long shelf life.

    Advantages of ProFito :-

    • a highly concentrated and complete universal fertiliser
    • all nutrients in one product
    • makes the extra addition of iron or potassium almost always superfluous
    • for a strong, healthy and lush plant growth
    • promotes the formation of cytokinines and thus cell division
    • leaves grow wider, more intensive colouration
    • improves the quality of the aquarium water
    • improves and maintains the biological balance in the aquarium
    • multiple stabilized
    • free of nitrates and phosphates
    • very economical to use


    ProFito is very economical : Typically 1 ml per 10 litres of aquarium water per week in total. This can be added in daily increments if required

    Start the first couple of weeks at about 1/3 of the above dosage and then adjust to attain the best possible growth rate. The best dosage can be determined by observing the youngest leaves of the plant. If they are light green, then the dosage can be increased. If increasing the dose fails to result in an improved growth or if algae starts to occur, then reduce the dose.

    The introduction of some fast-growing plants can be very helpful in preventing algae.

    Please note; no chemicals or fish foods can be sent outside of the EU, any orders from outside of the EU will be cancelled.

    Do not overdose.
    For use only in aquariums / garden ponds.
    Store out of reach of children and in a cool dark place.

    Product colour may vary – dark green to dark brown

    ProFito is manufactured in the EU by Easy Life Int. BV, Arnhem, The Netherlands.

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